Polk Audio HTS 10/12 Subwoofer Review

Polk HTS subwoofer is made by the Polk Audio company that is renowned for producing top-notch home subwoofers. The Polk HTS subwoofer is great for home entertainment purposes like listening to music or watching movies because it is able to deliver deep bass with high clarity.

best subwoofer feature imageLet’s have a look at its features and specifications

Features and specs of the Polk HTS Subwoofer

In terms of size, the Polk HTS comes as a 10 inch subwoofer or a 12 inch subwoofer. The frequency response of the subwoofer ranges between 25 Hz and 180 Hz, which means you should expect powerful beats from this subwoofer when it is incorporated in your home theatre system.

Another feature I liked about the HTS subwoofer are the built-in controls. These controls give you flexibility to adjust the sound output from the subwoofer to your liking. Some of the things you are able to adjust with these controls are volume, phase correction and low pass filter.

The subwoofer has a dynamic balance driver that enables it to eliminate distortions even when it is operating at high volume. The HTS also uses a patented power port technology to prevent port noise from being generated by this subwoofer while it’s in use.

When it comes to design, its curved edges gives the Polk HTS a sensual modern look that is aesthetically pleasing.

The subwoofer cabinet is rigid and sturdy making the Polka HTS resistant to damage in case of accidental collusions or unintentional rough treatment by kids.


  • Attractive design allows it to fit with home décor easily.
  • It has ports that are universal making it compatible with most home theater systems.
  • Built-in controls provide the users with options in terms of sound output which other subwoofers lack.
  • Able to handle high volume without distortions or port noise.


  • The Polk HTS subwoofer has a slightly higher price compared to similar subwoofers they have produced in the past.


Is the Polka HTS Subwoofer Wireless?

No, this subwoofer requires to be wired to operate. But if you want to transform it into a wireless subwoofer you can use some of these wireless subwoofer kits.

In what colors is it available?

It is available in washed black walnut finish or classic brown walnut.

Does this subwoofer come with a remote?

No, the Polka HTS subwoofer does not have a remote control option.

What voltage does it use, 110 V or 220 V ?

The manufacturer (Polk Audio) makes this subwoofer with different voltage rating depending on the location. If you purchase a HTS subwoofer within the US it will have a rating of 110 V and if you purchase it outside the US it will have a 220 V rating.

Is the Polk HTS a powered subwoofer?

Yes, this subwoofer is powered and a power cord is included in the package. After you have powered it, you only require to connect this subwoofer to a sound source like a home theater for it to start producing sound.


Overall, the Polk HTS is a great subwoofer that is guaranteed to enhance your home theater with crisp cleans sounds as you watch movies or listen to music.

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