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About our Team at WooferGuy.com

Ryan Smith – Owner and Sound Engineering Expert

Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith, the founder of Wooferguy.com, is a seasoned sound engineer with over two decades of experience. Having studied sound engineering at a prestigious university in the U.S., Ryan has a deep and comprehensive understanding of audio systems. He owns and operates a professional sound lab where he provides top-notch consulting services and carries out extensive audio tests. His expert knowledge, years of hands-on experience, and dedication ensure that all the information and reviews on Wooferguy.com are accurate, reliable, and easy to understand.

Email: ryan@wooferguy.com

Sarah Thompson – Editor

Sarah Thompson

With a degree in English literature and a keen ear for sound quality, Sarah Thompson is our talented Editor. Sarah has over ten years of experience in editing, particularly in the audio equipment field. She has a knack for translating technical information into easy-to-understand content for our readers. Sarah’s extensive experience in the field and eye for detail ensure the highest quality of our published material.

Email: sarah@wooferguy.com

John Miller – Contributor

John Miller

John Miller is an audio equipment enthusiast with a vast knowledge of the latest in the field. John has a degree in Electronics and years of experience working with audio equipment. His reviews are well-respected for their technical accuracy and readability.

Email: john@wooferguy.com

Emily Johnson – Contributor

Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson, a music lover and experienced writer, has been contributing to Wooferguy.com for several years. Her ability to explain complex audio concepts in a way that’s easy for beginners to understand makes her articles a favorite among our readers.

Email: emily@wooferguy.com

Michael Green – Contributor (Car Subwoofers Expert)

Michael Green

As a car audio enthusiast, Michael Green has spent the better part of a decade experimenting with and reviewing various car subwoofers. His expertise in the automotive sound field is unparalleled, making him a valuable member of our team and our resident car subwoofer expert.

Email: michael@wooferguy.com

Claire Davis – Contributor

Claire Davis

Claire Davis is an audio system enthusiast with a background in sound engineering. Claire’s unique insights and passion for all things audio make her articles insightful and engaging for both new and seasoned readers.

Email: claire@wooferguy.com

David Wilson – Contributor

David Wilson

David Wilson’s passion for music and technology led him to a career in sound engineering. His technical knowledge combined with his love for writing allows him to create comprehensive and detailed reviews of subwoofers.

Email: david@wooferguy.com

How We Test Subwoofers

At Wooferguy.com, we’re committed to providing you with comprehensive and trustworthy reviews. Our testing process is thorough and meticulous. We examine several factors, including the sound quality, build quality, and price of each subwoofer. Our team of experts, led by Ryan Smith, conducts extensive tests in our professional sound lab. We utilize a variety of music genres and audio sources to assess the performance of each unit. Our reviews are based on our personal experiences with the products and our in-depth knowledge of audio technology. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome, so please feel free to leave a comment or contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


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