6 Best Competition Subwoofers in 2023

Shopping for the ideal competition sub can be quite a daunting task. If you feel like you just aren’t equipped to undertake this rather daunting task, do not fret.

I have come up with a list of some really great competition subwoofers to help you maneuver through the often a times murky waters of the subwoofer world as you narrow down your search for the most suitable sub.

1. Skar Audio VXF-15 15-inch Competition Car Subwoofer


Best overall and my favorite is the Skar Audio VFX-15 D4 subwoofer.This is why: this baby is a powerhouse, built for competition.

It not only has amazing performance but also comes packed with really impressive features, that all work together to guarantee you first class listening experience.

It handles super lows pretty well while it’s still got the versatility of sounding great across various ranges of music.


  • Dual 4-ohm voice coil configuration,
  • Sensitivity (SPL) of 88.7 dB,
  • 3″ High temperature Copper voice Coil,
  • Extremely powerful 300 oz ferrite motor,
  • Competition Grade Paper Cone with stitched high Roll Foam Surround,
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz -250 Hz


This subwoofer is all good and no bad at all. Some of its advantages include;

  • Has a 1500-watt RMS rating ensuring a loud earth-shaking bass.
  • Has 22-500Hz frequency response guarantees a low and loud bass.
  • Comes with high roll foam surround with grade paper cone to enhance the sound quality and strength
  • Is affordable


Search as I did, I couldn’t come up with any disadvantages for the Skar Audio VFX-15 D4.


Looking for a versatile, great sounding competition sub? Then go for the Skar audio VFX-15 D4.

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2. DS18 HOOLIGAN X15.2D Subwoofer


Power is key when selecting your ideal competition sub. The Hooligan X15.2D is pretty powerful and delivers an impressive 6,000 Watts Max Power and 4,000 Watts RMS at Dual 2 Ohm, has a sturdy build and comes with pretty handy features.


  • a one of a kind design, the DS18 X-clusive basket design,
  • kevlar reinforced paper cone,
  • carbon fiber dust cap,
  • 6-layer Conex spider, and
  • a direct 8 AWG copper wire coil connection

While most subs have one voice coil, the Hooligan X15.2D has dual voice coils (DVC) which give you alternatives and flexibility to wire Parallel, Series, or Independent.

This 15″ subwoofer uses Quad Magnet Technology where the four 150oz Ferrite magnets give this subwoofer an array of tones and allow it to handle great power at high volumes.


This subwoofer;

  • is powerful,
  • has an attractive and sturdy design,
  • has dual voice coils thus gives you flexibility,
  • uses Quad Magnet Technology which enhances its ability to handle lots of power and gives it a variety of tones


If you are an avid audiophile like me, then you will be looking for a sturdy subwoofer that can deliver great frequencies and handle a lot of power. The Hooligan X15.2D fits this description to a T.

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3. Earthquake HoleeS-15 15″


At a close number 3 in my top choices comes the Earthquake HoLeeS-15. I especially love how powerful this subwoofer is and the one of a kind smooth and deep bass it delivers.

I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for big, strong equipment that have eye-catching designs. These qualities as well as the top-notch engineering on this baby make it a pretty solid choice when shopping for a competition sub.


  • Power handling of up to 15000 watts peak and
  • Triangular lattice to prevent wobbles,
  • Super wide edge poly-ether surrounds,
  • 15,000 Watts MAX
  • 7000 watts RMS
  • Xmax: 4″ Peak to Peak
  • Dual (2x1ohms) 4″ x 8″ High Temp military grade flat wire voice coil.
  • (4)Quad Nomax / Romax spiders
  • 8 gauge speaker connections
  • 112lbs.
  • Patented PSP terminal


This subwoofer;

  • is powerful,
  • produces smooth and clear bass,
  • is sturdily built,
  • has an attractive design,
  • is well priced.


  • Its size may be a bit much and limiting,
  • it is quite heavy


All in all, if you are looking to go really big subwoofer-wise, then you will love the Earthquake HoleeS-15.

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4) New BOSS AUDIO P126DVC 12″ 9200W Car Power Subwoofers


We all crave that deep, powerful bass from our sound systems. The greatest factor that mostly stands in the way of achieving this is cost.

Now the Boss P126DVC subwoofers are a great deal if you are looking to enhance the capabilities of your sound system, without breaking the bank.

These subwoofers each measure 12″ and offer a 2300 watt max and a 1150 watt RMS and come with some pretty great qualities.


  • Dual 4 Ohm voice coils,
  • A poly-injected cone,
  • Competition-style binding posts,
  • 4 Ohm impedance
  • 96 Db efficient,
  • 25Hz-2 kHz Frequency Response,
  • 6-3/4″ Mounting Depth
  • 9200 Watt per 4 Subwoofers, and


The Boss P126DVC;

  • comes with 4 subwoofers
  • is powerful,
  • is durably designed,
  • has high power level
  • is quite friendly priced, and
  • comes with a 2 Year Warranty for 1 buy of 4 Subwoofers


  • The P126DVC has limited frequency range.


If you are on a budget but still yearn for great sounding subs, then the Boss P126DVC are your best bet.

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5. Orion HCCA154 Woofer


The Orion HCCA154 15″ is an innovatively designed subwoofer, this baby performs brilliantly, thanks to its high power handling ability.

Here are some of the features of this great sub.


  • Top-mount depth of 11-9/16 inches,
  • An overall diameter of 15 inches,
  • Power handling peak of up to 4000 watts,
  • A 2000 watts power range,
  • Dust proof dual 2 ohm copper voice coils, and
  • An 87.4 dB sound sensitivity level.


The Orion HCCA 154;

  • Has a great, heavy design,
  • Produces smooth, crisp bass,
  • Has a great cooling system,
  • Is affordable.


It is really hard to find fault with this subwoofer but

  • Its huge may prove a challenge for enclosures under 15 inches, and
  • It comes with limited warranty


The Orion HCCA 154 is a good bet if you are looking to transform your listening experience.

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6. Massive Audio SUMMOXL104-10 Inch


Sometimes, bigger isn’t always better. I learnt that no sub proves this truer than the Massive Audio SUMMOXL 104. Don’t let the small stature this 10 inch baby fool you.

It is built for competition, and comes with a solid construction coupled with great technological components to enable it produce really loud, thumping sounds.


  • heavy duty, rugged industrial textured cast aluminum basket
  • custom tooled rubber gasket and magnet boot
  • 250 oz high energy double stack strontium magnet structure
  • dual impedance black anodized voice coil former with kevlar spunlace
  • black anodized one piece pole-plate for added motor force
  • kevlar fiber reinforced non-Pressed paper cone with industrial textured finish
  • red stitched edge to the cone for added strength
  • over sized mirror image dual Poly/ nomex spiders
  • black anodized one piece pole-plate for added motor force
  • heavy duty direct input wires connection to voice coils
  • reinforced fiberglass woven dust cap for high power applications


The Massive Audio SUMMOXL 104 10 inch;

  • delivers fantastic low end sounds,
  • produces really clear sounds,
  • is durably and attractively built,
  • is affordable.


  • Seems to have a hitch, albeit small when hitting lows


If you want a powerful, affordable sub but would rather get a small one, then the Massive Audio SUMMOXL 104 is it for you.

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What to Look for in When Shopping for a Competition Subwoofer?

Below are a few tips to guide you when you go shopping for a good, competition subwoofer, to ensure you save both your money and time.

1) Durability – get a sub that is designed by reputable companies and is made of good quality materials.

2) Size and dimension of the subwoofer – Bigger is always deemed better but this may not always be the case when it comes to choose the subwoofer for your car. Different cars have different spaces; hence you need to pick a subwoofer that fits your car well.

3) Power handling capabilities of the subwoofer – the ohm impedance, RMS and maximum power handling are pretty important. High RMS and power handling ensure better subwoofer performance.

4) Voice coils – pick a subwoofer that has perfect (or near perfect) voice coils. Dual voice coils are great but you can go for single voice coils if you don’t mind simple installation.

5) Bass quality of the subwoofer – You need a sub with good frequencies for the right kind of bass.

6) Check if the sub comes with an enclosure. Most don’t come with one. Subs with sealed enclosures produce high quality sound.

7) Price – ensure you pick a subwoofer that suits your pocket. However, keep in mind that what seems cheap may end up being expensive in the end.

8) Warranty of the subwoofer – Some come with limited warranty of 90 days and others have warranty of a year or so. Checking this is especially important if you want to avoid paying repairs or replacement.

Wrap up

Getting the right competition subwoofer for your car may seem daunting but it isn’t so difficult. Take your time and consider the above tips. I am sure you will find one that suits your needs perfectly.

As a car audio enthusiast, Michael Green has spent the better part of a decade experimenting with and reviewing various car subwoofers. His expertise in the automotive sound field is unparalleled, making him a valuable member of our team and our resident car subwoofer expert. Read more about the team behind WooferGuy.com on the about us page.

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