Best Car Subwoofer 2019

Do you travel a lot? Make long road trips across the country? Then getting a subwoofer for your car is the ultimate way to make these trips seem shorter and more enjoyable. You just need to pick the best car subwoofer for your car.

Your sound preference is key when deciding which subwoofer to get. For while some of us enjoy loud bass, others prefer mild and soft bass sounds. A car subwoofer will definitely transform your listening experience, more so if you are a lover of bass.

Let’s check out five of the very best car subwoofer brands in the market that I’ve had the chance to test.

Best Car Subwoofer Reviews

1. MTX AUDIO TERMINATOR SERIES TNE212D 1,200 – watt Dual 12-Inch Subwoofer Review

best car subwoofer - mtx audio Terminator 12 inch subwoofer

This sub is built with double 12inch terminator subwoofers, that are ideally placed in an enclosed space which boost the low pitched sound frequency. Its structure is strong and the finishing is both stylish n fashionable.

The MTX Audio Terminator 12 inch Subwoofer comes with an inbuilt amplify that boosts the sound intensity as well as  the tuning of the volume and bass variance.This car sub is beautifully finished with carpet-like fabric which is bound to go well with the interior of most cars.

It is easy to install, connect and operate. You can even attach mobile devices like flash drives through plug and play. The MTX Terminator 12 inch Sub has really high sound output ranging from 100 watts RMS to 300 watts. Its speakers are  designed to give out high quality and clear sounds whether on low or high volume.

It’s quite pocket friendly especially considering its superior sound output and durability. I would give this subwoofer 4-5 stars for its clarity and high sound quality. I was also pleased by its longevity and reasonable price.

You will however want to be careful as the speakers of this sub will blow if more than the recommended voltage is supplied.The speakers may require separate amplifier because the one it comes with has moderate power output.

This sub is the ultimate choice for someone who is keen on adding bass to  their car’s sound system without spending too much. Its affordable, durable and beautifully designed. Click here to see price on

2. Dual BP1204 12-Inch 1100-Watt Illumination Bandpass Subwoofer Review

Best car subwoofer - Dual BP1204 12 Inch Subwoofer

The Dual BP1204 12-Inch Subwoofer is ideal if you’re looking to recreate the interior of your car as it features a blue illumination with dual-clambered design. It has a curved plexiglass window for protection and a toggle switch making it easier to control.

This car sub also comes with terminal cups that will easily connect your amplifier to the sub and 12volts of power to enhance the illumination in the system. Dual BP1204 12-Inch Subwoofer also has computer tuned acoustics that increase output efficiency to create a precise loud bass.

The system is durable as it has  added bracing that eliminates the movement of enclosure that’s usually caused by high sound pressure and its also carpeted to give extra protection.

Merits about the Dual BP1204 12-Inch Subwoofer:

  • It can work without a separate amplifier
  • Has an attractive design 
  • Produces quality bass
  • A decent low budget system

If you are looking for quality,versatility,consistency and convenience all in one sub, then get the DUAL BP 1204 car subwoofer and you’ve got a winner. Click here to see price on


best car subwoofer - Renegade RXV1202 12 inchh1200W Dual Car Subwoofer

The Renegade RXV1202 12″ 1200W Dual Car Subwoofer comes with two 12 inch subwoofers, 2 inch voice coils and 600 watts RMS /1200 Watts max. This sub comes with the speakers already fitted and screwed in the box.

It fits in most cars even small ones as it doesn’t take up much room. If you have this sub you will not help going on and on about the serious bass that it produces!

Overall, this car sub is affordable and its speakers do a good job of pumping out quality sound. Click here to see price on

4. ROCKFORD FOSGATE PRIME R2D2-12 12-Inches 500 Watt RMS Power Dual 2 Ohm Car Audio Subwoofer Review

best car subwoofer - Rockford Fosgate Prime R2D2-12 12-Inches Car Audio Subwoofers

For all lovers of really big bass, the Rockford Fosgate Prime R2D2-12 12-Inches Car Audio Subwoofer is their ultimate choice. The dual voice coil allows for flexibility when installing.

  • The mica injected polypropylene cone enables you to pump out the bass.
  • It also has stampCast basket with intergrated spider venting.
  • This product has power ranges of 50-250 watts RMS (500 watts peak power )
  • It has frequency response of between 43-250 and sensitivity of 89 dB.
  • It is made for both sealed and vented enclosures. 

Some merits about the Rockford Fosgate subwoofers:

  • Produces hard clear sounds
  • Affordable price

 If you are looking for a car sub that is loud, powerful and affordable then Rockford Fosgate subwoofers is a great choice. Click here to see price on

5. Pyramid BNPS102 10″ 1000W Dual Car Subwoofer Review

best car subwoofer - Pyramid BNPS102 10 inch1000W Dual Car Subwoofers

The Pyramid BNPS102 10-Inch 1000W Dual Car Subwoofer comes with a built-in neon accent lighting that’s specially treated with black rubber suspension and bandbass alignment to give that extra deep bass.

  • The subs have a silver polypropylene cone and four tuned ports.
  • Its front  window is made out of plexi-glass.
  • The boss r1100m 1100 watts mono car audio power amplifier gives out a max output of  1100 watts and an rms output of upto 250 watts!
  • It comes with an easy guide to help you install the speakers.
  • It doesn’t take up too much room so it can fit into pretty much any car.

Wire it right and play around with the amplifier and you are guaranteed to get the exact sound are looking for.

What I liked about this subwoofer is its affordability, appealing design and its durability. Click here to see price on


Choosing the wrong subwoofer could prove costly. If you are seeking to enhance your sound experience, then you will want to invest in a quality subwoofer from a trusted brand that will give you value for your money.

I have tested various car subwoofers and keeping in mind the key qualities such as cost, sound, quality and durability.  I highly recommend you the MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D 1,200 – watt Dual 12-Inch Car Subwoofer as the best car subwoofer. It is fairly priced, easy on the eyes, built to last and has great sound quality.