Best 18 Inch Subwoofers in 2023

Searching for the best 18 inch subwoofer to up the game in your car’s sound system?

What I can tell you is that there is nothing better than getting an 18 inch sub to enhance the quality of music in your truck. These subwoofers are beasts when it comes to bass they produce beats that you will feel to the bone.

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Finding the right subwoofer for your car can be a tricky business. You have to select carefully because buying the wrong one could prove costly and wasteful.

After extensive testing and research I was able to compile a list of 9 top rated 18 inch subwoofers available in the market to assist you in making the right decision.

Let’s dive into the reviews…

1. Skar Audio ZVX-18v2

Skar Audio ZVX-18v2Specs

  • Has peak power of 3200 W
  • 1600 W – RMS power
  • High temperature 3-inch copper voice coil
  • Frequency response 20 Hz – 400 Hz
  • 2 Ohm voice coil (dual configuration)

This my favorite 18 inch subwoofer compared to all the other 18 inch subs I’ve listed below. The Skar Audio ZVX-18v2 is reliable, powerful and delivers an excellent performance even at high volumes.

The competition grade paper cone and high roll foam surround allows the ZVX-18v2 to generate low frequency beats with high clarity.

The Skar Audio ZVX-18v2 displaces huge volumes of air as it pumps out the beats therefore you should expect serious bass from this subwoofer.

Because of its great performance, reliability and price point this a subwoofer that is worth checking out.

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2. Skar Audio EVL-18

Skar Audio EVL-18Specs

  • Has peak power of 2500 W
  • 1250 W – RMS power
  • 4 Ohm dual configuration voice coil
  • Frequency response 20 Hz to 300 Hz
  • Black coated 3”4 aluminum voice coil

It is not a surprise that another Skar Audio subwoofer took second place in my list. Skar Audio is well known to manufacture high quality subwoofers that give you value for money.

Skar Audio EVL-18 has a great design that not only makes the subwoofer robust but also gives it an aura of sophistication.

With a power output of 2500 Watts this 18 inch sub is still potent and the extreme bass generated by it will surprise you.

The Skar Audio EVL-18 is a great alternative to the Skar Audio ZVX-18v2 if you are looking for similar performace and reliability but at a lower price point.

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3. DS18 TM-SN18 Troublemaker (Best Competition Grade)


  • Has peak power of 7500 W
  • 5000 W – RMS power
  • 6 powerful neodymium magnets
  • 4 inch black coated aluminum voice coil (6 layer)
  • Frequency response 32 Hz – 500 Hz

The DS18 TM-SN18 Troublemaker is not your regular 18 inch car subwoofer, this is a mean machine meant for serious car audiophiles.

A subwoofer with a power output of 7500 W is not child’s play, as its name (Troublemaker) implies it may actually get you into trouble with your neighbors or law enforcement.

I had to put it in the list because I know there are some who like to push it to the limits when it comes to bass.

If you are one of them and you are not bothered by its price then the DS18 TM-SN18 Troublemaker is for you.

This high grade subwoofer is guaranteed to make you break all competition records.

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4. Lanzar Distinct (DCTOA18D) (Best Budget)

Lanzar Distinct Series Car SubwooferSpecs

  • Peak power of 600 W
  • 300 W – RMS power
  • 4 Ohm voice coil (dual configuration)
  • Frequency response 30 Hz – 1800 Hz
  • 3-inch high temperature aluminum voice coil

Despite being the best busget 18-inch sub in this list, the Lanzar Distinct (DCTOA18D) is a reliable subwoofer that is able to deliver a good performance.

The Lanzar Distinct (DCTOA18D) features a large foam surround and black paper cone that gives it great responsiveness even at high volumes. It is also able to hit those low frequencies effortlessly without distortions.

If you’re searching for a dependable 18” car sub at the most affordable price go for the Lanzar Distinct (DCTOA18D). I can assure you that this subwoofer will serve you well for a long time to come.

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5. Audiopipe TXXBD2W18D2

Audiopipe TXXBD2W18D2Specs

  • 3000 W – Peak power
  • 1500 W – RMS power
  • 2 Ohm voice coil (dual configuration)
  • Magnet Wt. is 250 Oz
  • 2-inch voice coil

The Audiopipe TXXBD2W18D2 is a powerful car subwoofer that is able to deliver some nice deep bass.

Though Audiopipe is not that well known compared to other established brands, they still produce high quality products that many have come to love.

The TXXBD2W18D2 is capable of producing that deep boom and without proper care you’ll end up bursting your windows at high volumes.

If you’ve had a chance to experience music emanating from an Audiopipe subwoofer you’ll definitely agree with me that the Audiopipe TXXBD2W18D2 is a serious contender when it comes to 18” car subwoofers.

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6. Sundown Audio U-18 D2

Sundown Audio U-18 D2Specs

  • 1500 W – RMS power
  • 3 inch aluminum voice coil
  • 2 Ohm dual configuration voice coil
  • Sensitivity of 92.3 decibels
  • Vent spacers made of aluminum

The Sundown Audio U-18 D2 is another superb subwoofer that is engineered to deliver that deep punch as you listen to music in your truck.

When installed in its recommended enclosure this subwoofer delivers beats with high clarity and no distortions.

This subwoofer is a new product from the Sundown Audio team that took a whole year to develop and is guaranteed to live up to the expectations of die-hard bass enthusiasts.

This 18” subwoofer features many custom parts like the cone body and surround that differentiates it from other similar subs.

Therefore, if you are a person who likes a custom sub that pumps out ground shaking bass then the Sundown Audio U-18 D2 is worth checking out.

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7. American Bass HD18D1 18″ Competition Car Subwoofer

American Bass HD18D1 18 Competition Car SubwooferSpecs

  • Peak power of 4000 W
  • Magnet Wt. is 300 Oz
  • 2000 W – RMS power
  • 3-inch voice coil
  • 1 Ohm impedance (dual configuration)

The American Bass HD18D1 is another competition grade subwoofer that made it into the top rated list.

I think I should tell you that 4000 W from a subwoofer is a lot of power and if not handled properly you may just end up shattering your windshield.

The American Bass HD18D1 features a kevlar paper cone that enables this subwoofer to withstand brutal conditions and still deliver quality sound.

Triple stacked magnets coupled with its reliable surround gives this subwoofer the ability to rattle most bass fanatics.

If you’re looking for a competition subwoofer with a great price then American Bass HD18D1 is worth considering.

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8. B&C 18SW115-4 18-Inch Neodymium Subwoofer


  • Has peak power of 3400 W
  • 1700 W – RMS power
  • 4 Ohm Impedance
  • Frequency response 35 Hz – 1500 Hz
  • 5-inch copper voice coil

The B&C 18SW115-4 is a top notch subwoofer that rivals other 18 inch subwoofers with similar features.

Two unique things I noted about this subwoofer is that it has a large voice coil that is 4.5-inches and a demodulation ring made of aluminum that helps it to eliminate distortions.

Its ventilated voice gap coupled with its neodymium magnet assembly helps this car sub to significantly reduce power compression.

Price was the only drawback with this subwoofer. But overall, its design is attractive and performance wise this subwoofer will not let you down.

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9. RCF L18P300 18-Inch Car Subwoofer


  • 4-inch voice coil
  • Frequency response 35 Hz – 1000 Hz
  • 2000 W – Peak power
  • 1000 W – RMS power
  • 8 Ohm impedance rating

The RCF L18P300 is also a decent car sub with a power output of 2000 W. This may look modest when compared to the other subwoofers in this list but the RCF L18P300 should not be underestimated.

When properly mounted, this subwoofer produces high quality sounds as you listen to your favorite tracks. Even at low volumes you will still be able to enjoy the beats that this sub generates.

The RCF L18P300 is known to be hardy such that it will still serve you for a long time even when it’s pushed to the limits regularly.

If you’re looking for a sturdy 18-inch car sub that is long lasting and has great sound quality then the RCF L18P300 subwoofer is worth checking out.

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Final thoughts

There you go… those are the baddest 18 inch subwoofers in the market. If space is not an issue in your car then select the one you like most and go for it. I hope you enjoy the new bass and don’t get into trouble your neighbors.

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